Ammon Michael Ronald

Ammon Michael Ronald was born October 19th, 2009 at 12:37pm. He weighed in at 8lbs 14oz!! He was 21 inches in length. While in the hospital he lost 10oz and that took about 2 weeks to gain back which stressed me out just a little because they kept saying he should have gained the weight back sooner. On top of that they heard a slight heart murmur while we were still in the hospital, which scared me terribly but they only heard it twice and when they did the 4 limb blood pressure everything was fine. At his 3 weeks we went to the pediatrictian and she said she could still hear it but she was not to worried because it was so feint, his blood pressure was fine and he weighed 9lbs 8oz which meant he was gaining weight. The pediatrican thinks that it could be a flow murmur or a PFO(the little flap of skin between chambers has not closed over yet) bot of which she said he would grow out of or they would not bother him through out his life. Then at his 6 week we went back to see the pediatrican because she wants to make sure everything is still fine, she said it sounded the same but to be on the safe side sent us for an EKG which Ammon did amazing at laying still for the nurse! We go back when he is 3 months and she will tell us the results then. He weighed 11lbs 7oz at his 6 week check up and I realized I have a healthy chunky little man on my hands! lol!! Today he is 2 months old!! He already has such a personality! He is such a smiley little guy except if he is hungry or if his diaper is dirty! He then makes sure he tells me off! lol. He is so alert and curious, loves to look around and gets bored quite easily, lol. For the last week he has been only getting up once a night(knock on wood)! Abi loves him to death! She is always walking around saying "my ammon!" she gives him tons of kisses and try to sing to him and give him his soother if he is upset! it is adorable, she is such a little mommy! I will post pictures later, Ammon says its breakfast time lol!!


Okay so I have been really BAD! lol

It has been freakin' forever since I last blogged! I have been having some computer issues so once I get them sorted out I will update my blog :)



This year was alot of fun on halloween! Abigail was big enough to walk... and she had a blast! Once we started she did not want to stop. We went trick or treating with my sister Angela, her fiance Randy and my nephew Anthony! We would go up to a door, one of the parents would yell trick or treat and Abigail would say "BYE"... it was really funny! Because the kids were so cute they got double the candy from basically every house! haha! All the better for Randy and JR! When we got home we put Abi into her PJs and she was still carrying around her trick or treat bag wanting to go again!

This is a picture of Abigail running to the next house, she was so excited!
My cute little lady bug! HAHA my mom's butt some how ended up in the picture too! HAHA
This is the handsome one armed gorilla Anthony! he is one armed cause he cracked his elbow in his crib( of all places!).

And this is Anthony's gorilla bum!


New Hair!

Okay so I have been a bad girl! I let my hair go for far too long... had terrible roots! So I finally made an appointment with my good friend Elyse(awesome hairdresser!) in Fort Macleod. This is the end result :)
Its the same length I have been cutting it to lately so I can't wear a ponytail all the time :) But instead of just blonde highlights we threw some red in too!
I like it! JR not so much but what ever it is my hair and I have to take care of it! lol


Pumpkins and Pigs :)

On Saturday we went to Green Haven Garden Centre for their annual Pumpkin Festival. They have astro jumps, games and prizes for the kids, music, good food, petting zoo and wagon rides. They also have a silent auction and pumpkin weight contest. This is a fundraiser for Childrens Wish Foundation!! It was lots of fun! Even though it was kind of cold and Abi was a bit sick.

Here Abigail is standing in front of a 230 LBS pumpkin!
Anthony and Abigail looking cute as always!
Feeding the pot belly pig.... he really liked us kept following us around... maybe because we had food for it :) lol
JR took this picture.... it is Hilarious!! Why so serious! lol
Face painting is fun! Abigail go a butterfly on her cheek and....
Anthony got a nose and whiskers... Grrr! lol they are so cute!


Meet Schmee!! He is my salamander! I went to work for my father-in-law for the day last monday.... and my job was to help clean up the shingles that were left behind by the men that roofed the house. Lazy men... geez!! Anyways when Sandra(the other women they sent) and I were picked up the tarp the shingles were laying on there was Schmee laying there! I picked him up to show Sandra's girls that were doing homework in the van and when I went to put him back down these dogs came out of the field and tried to eat him! I was not going to let him be eaten so I brought him home! So now he has a nice little aquarium with a hut and water dish and all the crickets he can eat! LOL!!

Another excited thing that has happened is I got my first church calling! woot woot! I am the Website Administrator.....which means I am in charge of keeping the ward website up to date. When Bishop asked me I laughed cause I have no clue about running a website but I thought the least I could do is try. So I am trying it out and finding that it is really quite easy to do less a few questions I have but for the most part it is okay!

O and Abigail cut her last I tooth so we should be done with teething for abit... at least till she starts her two year molars. And I am trying to be handy and creative.... Abigail sleeps in a toddler bed but she still rolls out( which is okay cause it is really low to the ground). Sometime she wakes up in the middle of the night cause she rolled out, and none of the bed rails will fit cause the bed what handmade by my grandpa Nelson. So I have decided that I am going to make my own bed rail for it! We shall see how it turns out.

Well thats it for now :)


Me pretending to be creative :)

So one day I was over at my Grandma Nelson's house watching TV with her. We saw this commercial for this cake decorating kit and the 100 pieces that comes with it... I made an off handed comment that it was cool. A couple weeks later I went to visit Grandma Nelson again and she proudly handed me a box... in it was the cake decorating kit for the commercial! Then she proceded to tell me "There! now you can make me a really nice birthday cake!". So now I have to practice cause I have never decorated a fancy cake before!

So here is my first attempt! I will keep adding as I keep trying :) Enjoy :P